High Sierra Yurts

Our newly renovated Dunderburg Yurt is equipped with a wood stove, Goal Zero Power, 8 double bunk beds, a large family-style table, and plenty of room to stretch out. Fresh bedding is provided and all meals will be prepared by our staff in the neighboring Guide Yurt. Sitting next to your yurt is a wood fired sauna that sits around 140degrees. We use a Forest Service pit toilet, conveniently located close to the Dunderberg Yurt and protected from the elements.

With new ownership, lots of time and effort have been put into renovating our guest’s “Dunderberg Yurt”. With fresh bedding provided on eight full-sized beds, updated furniture, and new flooring, it won’t feel like you’re in the backcountry. Our yurts reside in a remote location 6 miles back from Hwy 395, hence why we meet at Conway Summit Parking Lot and arrive via Snowcat. 


Across the meadow from the Dunderburg Yurt sits our Guide Yurt. Equipped with a backcountry propane kitchen and Starlink internet, this is where your guides plan the ski days and create delicious meals for you to enjoy.

Land Use Acknowledgement

We would like to honor all of the ancestral stewards of this land on which we get to recreate and sleep on today. The Paiute and Shoshone tribes inhabited the Eastern Sierra Mountain area for thousands of years and continue to live in the area today. We are honored to be the contemporary custodians of this land. To learn more about native use of this land, click here.