Booking the Yurt


Have the Gear, Knowledge and Experience? Book the Yurt without Guide Services

Backcountry enthusiast of all types will be able to reserve the yurt in advance for self-guided trips. Minimum reservation includes reserving the entire yurt for as many nights as they would like limited to Monday-Thursday nights during peak season. Clients will have access to the yurt as early as 9:00am on the day of the first night’s booking. The morning of check out, groups are asked to have the yurt cleaned and their non-skiing gear packed and stored in one area of the yurt if the group is wanting to get a few more last ski runs in before heading back to their vehicles. This allows a new group to be able to drop off their gear before also heading out for a day of ski touring.

The yurt can be accessed from Virginia Lakes Road or Green Creek Rd., which includes a 5 mile or 10 mile approach depending on which access area is chosen to approach from. Once a party books the yurt a detailed map, forest use guidelines, “care of the yurt” guide, and waivers will be sent to them so that they can better plan for their trip. High Sierra Snowcat & Yurt staff are always available to answer questions and provide information to all users.


  • $395/night
  • Reservation books the whole yurt; no partial booking. 
  • Virginia Lakes Yurt only
  • Available Sundays – Thursdays, 12/1 – 5/15
  • Checkin @12:00pm/Checkout @9:00am
  • 8 people max.
  • One way snowcat ride to the Yurt available for $320. Must reserve at least one week in advance. Reserve online.

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