Tim and Mike,

“It’s clear that this superb ski shelter is a labor of love. You’re thought of every detail of how to make your guests safe, happy and satisfied during days filled with incredible skiing. We hope to return again and again, until we’re to old to kick, glide, and skate a turn. I’m hardpressed to name one highlight from our stay, but seeing a pure white fisher above blue lake was amazing. There are still spectacular wild places in our backyard, and this is one of them. Thanks so much for creating such a great way for people to explore it. We loved our stay.” Winter 2016


“Big Tahoe crew enjoyed this awesome yurt! Thanks Tim and Mike for this awesome spot in some great backcountry terrain. We had a nice welcome to spring with warm temps and some recent storm snow already starting to corn up! Shred 2 laps on Dunderberg on day 1. Day 2 we ventured out to N. Coulair on Black Mountain and over to Epidote for some South facing goodness before heading back to the yurt. Thanks again – we’ll be back!” – South Lake Tahoe Myers” March 17, 2016 


“Thanks to Matt Tucker for getting a bunch of Tahoe guys out for an awesome trip. Amazing scenery? Tina’s great cooking was sooo luxurious”.


“Thank you for having us. this pen sucks, I’ll be back with a better pen…. This was my first time ever snowboarding in the back country, and it was amazing. This trip goes down as one the best experiences of my life so far. We hit the poop shoot and red lake bowl a few times. As cheese as it might be I cried when I got down from my 1st run of Red. It was a feeling that you cant get on the ski hill. I’m lucky to have been invited to the yurt. I’ll be sure to spread the word… This is something anyone should experience, regardless of skill. Its beautiful here. Thank You for hosting us, cooking, the great chats, and being our host. We hope this continues to be successful. Cheers !!!” April 1- 3, 2016


“Thank you for hosting us! The food, snow, weather, & beds were amazing. I am relaxed and tired at the same time & its the best feeling ever! I learned so much and loved exploring this beautiful area. Good luck in the future- this place rocks!” April 3, 2016


“It was a blustery afternoon upon our arrival. The boys in true spirit collected our energy to proceed on our first ascent. We decided to enter the poop chute. Little did we know that its name sake came from the view from the poo. Our mistake was to to first head left after a view of Chute 2 we decided with the impending storm to try our luck the the right. The wind scoured hillside on our right and treeline to our left we made our way up the slope. One of the group headed directly up the poop while the others sided along the cheek of the ridge. The arrival on the peak brought the views of Bridgeport in all is glory along  with a chilling wind. We quickly took our fridge worthy photographs before the downslope experience. Being the younger less experienced of the group. The backdrop of the mountains. the result a great photo with the aftermath of a  small tree causing a large bruise. one front flip and a bundle of laughter. The jerry  award had been earned and awarded to her as a such. The rest of the ski was soft turns down the poop, buttery and solid combinations of texture. Once we squeezed out the final choke we were both tired and rewarded from our experience. Day 2 we awoke. We skied…” 2016