The Dunderberg Yurt is a 18’ insulated structure built by Weather Port. Instead of a traditional stone and wood hut, we chose a yurt, which leaves virtually no footprint on the land.

The yurt is positioned in prime ski terrain with safety and comfort in mind. Easy access to the North and North east side of Dunderberg / Kavanaugh Ridge. 




The yurt is equipped with a toilet system, pellet fuel stove, Goal Zero Power / lights, sleeps 6 (4 pads, one futon) a family-style table, and a propane dual burner cook stove. The kitchen is stocked with a few basics like a pot for melting snow, washtubs, and a few pots and pans. The toilet is conveniently located close to the Yurt and protected from the elements.

The yurt is a “dry camp.” All visitors will be expected to be self-contained hauling water in or melting snow. 

Yurt Rules

  • No dogs to keep our snow clean and usable for drinking
  • What you pack in, you pack out!
  • You must haul out all extra food and leave no waste. Not even a crumb!
  • Make sure pellet stove is secure and fire safe before you leave
  • Empty pellet stove ash into metal container when you leave
  • Sweep
  • Lock door and put the key in key box

Items to bring

  • Sleeping bag and pillow
  • Warm synthetic winter gear in layers
  • Winter survival gear including transceiver, shovel and probe
  • USB auxiliary power pack for LED Lights
  • iPod / music
  • AA batt for speakers
  • First aid gear
  • GPS

Book Now – Dunderberg Yurt & Snowcat

Books all 6 beds at the Dunderberg Yurt (no partial booking) with snowcat transportation. 2 night minimum.


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Book Now – Dunderberg Private Trip

The full package. Books the entire yurt for your group (6 max.), snowcat transportation to/from the yurt, and yurt host provides hot breakfast, lunch and gourmet dinner. 3 day minimum.


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